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"TUSKO" was first known as Ned when he was smaller, younger and could easily be trained for Circus performances in 1912.  Tusko was labeled the biggest bull elephant ever in captivity in 1929, and why not, since he ate about 150 pounds of hay per day and 20 to 25 pounds of crushed oats.  There were times when Tusko thought he needed more food and would break his chains to charge into a farmer’s field beside the road and stuff himself.


In Portland, Oregon Tusko showed his strength when he decided to butt his way through a solid concrete wall reinforced with steel. After making a fortune for A.G. Barnes, Tusko became the most feared and unwanted elephant in America and was outlawed from every circus in America.  Tusko's last home was the Woodland Park Zoo were he arrived in 1932 with his trainer, Slim.  It was during Tusko's time in Portland, Oregon, that Morse Turner was a big, mean hockey player and was given "Tusko" as a nick-name.


In honor of their father, Steve and Tim Turner chose to name the Cafe after him.

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